Editor's Note:

Each of the following articles, from the first issue of Zerowork is preceded by a short synopsis taken from a flyer that was produced at the time to advertize the new journal.

All of the articles are made available here in three versions: html, pdf and MSWord. The pdf version is a scanned copy of the original article. The MSWord version is in Word 97-2003 format so as to be readable by those with older versions of the MSWord program. This version is provided to facilitate appropriation of the documents for purposes where some new format is desired.

The html and MSWord versions have been reformatted from the original. The main change has been to make the footnotes - end notes in the original - more accessible. In the case of the html version, the footnotes are linked in the usual manner. In the case of the MSWord version, the footnotes have been placed at the bottom of the page. Other minor changes include changing the way emphasis is done, mostly by using italics rather than underlining, changing most all-caps words to ones with only the first letter capitalized and using "blockquote" to indent substantial quotations (whose font size is also reduced).